Submit the One Word that best expresses that which currently:

Frightens or threatens you the most
You believe is in urgent need of protection

The words gathered are presented in real time on the Analytics page and are also used by the artist Danae Stratou in the creation of digital animated videos that are part of the ongoing participatory art installation. 

The submitted words are filtered by age, gender, and country. Gathered without intermediaries, the words become a valuable record of our time. The main objective of this project is to help us visualise our angst and the hope that springs from it at the current juncture. Combining new technologies with art practices can open the public dialogue at this critical time to promote direct and advanced democratic practices.

By opening the Black Boxes a collective future worth living through becomes more tangible.

It’s Time to Open the Black Boxes!

You can submit your word in English or in your mother tongue.